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Focal Access 165 A1 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker Kit

Product description

Separate Crossover: 12/12dB/octave (4,8kHz) with adjustable tweeter 3 level settings, Max. power handling: 1W, Nom. power handling: 60W, Sensitivity (2,8V/1m): 92dB, Frequency response: 60Hz-KHz, Accessories: Grilles supplied (woofer), flush mounting and surface mounting supports provided (tweeter)


Discover the world of sound quality with the 16 A1. This 6.-inch two-way kit with separate crossovers efficiently delivers the sound--extreme dynamics, punchy bass and accurate treble, with an expansive soundstage to fill your vehicle with crystal-clear audio. The 6.-inch woofers boast a one-inch voice coil with excellent power handling, a high-sensitivity magnet, and butyl rubber surround for durability and powerful bass. The aluminum inverted dome tweeters provide clear and accurate treble, and can be set at three different levels using the crossovers, to provide the ideal relative volume for its install location. Experience 's "Spirit of Sound" with flawless imaging, and uncommon detail and dynamics.

About the Access Line

Discover the world of sound quality via a range that reconciles technology, performance and affordability. The same character and our philosophy of "The Spirit of Sound" is displayed by the extreme attention to detail found at every development stage for the various transducers and crossovers.

The essential component in terms of quality of reproduction, richness of timbre plus image detail is the inverted dome aluminum tweeter whose inclusion represented a true challenge: how to bring a unique technology into a more affordable market segment. At the same time, the woofers and subwoofers combine high sensitivity and high power handling.

The humidity resistant woven glass fibre cone combines the dynamics and precision of the mid-range while offering a deep and articulated bass.

Experience 's "Spirit of Sound" with flawless imaging, and uncommon detail and dynamics.

The woofer's power handling and reliability are remarkable thanks to deliberately oversized voice coils, resulting in deep and accurate bass.

Aluminum inverted dome tweeter technology offers significant rigidity and lowers distortion.

Crossover with 3-level tweeter control.

The 16 A1 Woofer

The 6.-inch 130 A1 Access woofer is built with a light and stiff cone, coupled with a butyl rubber surround, offering a degree of quality never before encountered at this price level. The special all weather cone will perform in hot and humid environments without distortion or warping. The woofer's power handling and reliability are remarkable thanks to deliberately oversized voice coils, resulting in deep and accurate bass.

Painted DIN chassis, % glass fiber filled ABS material
This strong, rigid chassis is non-magnetic and nonresonant.

All weather woven glass fiber cone
The durable, humidity-resistant cone provides dynamic bass and precise midrange.

Phase plug
Phase plug designs control midrange out of the listening axis, for added accuracy.

2mm (1") voice coil
Larger voice coils provide excellent power handling, which in turn provides a tight, well-defined low-end.

8mm (3-1/3") magnet
High sensitivity where everything begins.

Voice coil cooling system
Provides reliable, consistent performance, no matter what kind of abuse your system dishes out.

The TN 44 tweeter

Aluminum inverted dome tweeter technology offers significant rigidity and lowers distortion. Ideal air coupling, the main advantage of the inverted dome shape, allows a very wide soundstage and very accurate image, unlike a convex (traditional) dome that is moving more on its periphery than on its center, causing a weak coil/dome energy transfer.

Aluminum inverted dome tweeter
Provides accurate treble with the utmost efficiency.

mm (13/16") ferrofluid voice coil
Excellent power handling and heat dispersal.


The 12/12dB/octave (kHz) separated Access crossover fully reflects 's philosophy, which is oriented toward product application and uncompromising quality requirements. Polypropylene capacitors bring to these products high and distortion-free dynamics. Level control available in two-way systems allows refining the tuning of the tweeter in all locations.

Adjustable tweeter level
Adjust the tweeter level control according to location (3 level settings) with a simple switch.

Air core inductors
Insensitive to parasite interferences.

16 A1 Technical Specifications

Frequency response: 60Hz - kHz
Nominal power: 60 W
Maximum power: 1W
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Cone: Braided glass fiber
Surround: Butyl
Nom. impedance: 4 ohms
DC resistance: 3.4 ohms
VC diameter: 2mm (1 inch)
VC height: mm (7/16 inch)
Former: Kapton
Layers: 2
Wire: Copper
Inductance: 0.21 mH
Magnet Dimensions (D x H): 8 x 1mm (3-1/3 x 9/16 inches)
Magnet weight: 0.3 kg (.66 lb.)
Flux density : 1.3 T
Gap height: . mm (3/16 inch)
Net weight: 0.8 kg (1.87 lb.)


Innovation is key to the sound. For 2 years, through the pursuit of constant new advances in technology, has been able to develop a harmonious research and production system that enables us to continuously improve our products and introduce new ones, all with the same goal: the most faithful reproduction of music. The latest example of this philosophy has been the introduction of Beryllium in our top products, which has become a new reference worldwide.

Constantly pursuing innovation is the embodiment of 's corporate strategy and that goal involves every facet of the company. From R&D to production to quality control, all our teams are fully involved and focused on this one objective: continual progress through innovation.

In today's world, where globalization and the pursuit of chasing cheaper production methods have tempted most companies to splinter their organizations, has opted to be different. Though we have grown tremendously through the years, our R & D, headquarters and manufacturing facilities remain based in Saint-Etienne (France).

We have learned that true innovation is not simply work carried out at the research department, but is also a question of comprehensive management and the direct control of the different production phases. The example of Beryllium is a significant one. Only three years ago no one was capable of producing tweeters with a pure Beryllium foil dome. innovated a solution based on research and the invention of specific in-house industrial processes.

Such an approach has given us an important advantage over our competitors: we develop our own technology, which allows us to consistently provide true quality production using our own methods. In , the Car range gets richer with a new amplifier line: Solid. This perfectly sums up 's commitment for high musical quality from the entry-level contrary to the general tendency that consists in looking for the cheapest prices in priority instead of performance.The result is music standardization and trivialization, which is highly prejudicial to sound quality. cultivates this difference. This is the core strength of our brand and our company. This is the Spirit of Sound. We want to share this with you... It is our Utopia

What's in the Box

6.-inch Woofer (pair), Tweeter (pair), Crossover (pair), Woofer Grille, Tweeter Flush Mounting and Surface Mounting Supports, Installation hardware, Owner's Manual

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Focal Access 165 A1 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker Kit Component Speakers

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Focal Access 165 A1 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker Kit Component Speakers

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Focal Access 165 A1 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker Kit Component Speakers